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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  November 23, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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million. >> this is the first time i've been nervous. >> reporter: this woman isn't just worried about being outnumbered, she is concerned about the price of the checked luggage. >> i combined three bags into one so i can check one bag and keep it at $30. >> i think it's a ripoff. it's a way to make mr money. >> reporter: using a digital scale, we weighed her bag. it was 51.4 pounds. slightly over the 50-pound limit. and look what happened next at the check in counter. >> wow. over double. that 1.4 pounds went from $30 because of the extra 1.4 pounds, it would have been $90 to check the bag. >> reporter: so 1.4 pounds over raise d the price by how much? >> by $60. [ laughing ] >> like i was saying before, it's a ripoff. that proves it. >> reporter: a few airlines still allow you to check your
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bags for free, including southwest and jetblue. only jetblue flies out of this airport. congress is considering a bill that would limit or do away with the checked bag fees altogether. and not surprisingly, we did not meet any air travelers that didn't like that. back to you. >> andrea mccarren, live at national airport, thank you. less li. >> amtrak says today is traditionally its business est travel day of the year -- busiest travel day of the year. they set a record last year on the wednesday before thanksgiving, and this morning crowds at union station made it look like today would be just as busy. amtrak is serving all passengers on the long distance routes a thanksgiving meal that includes turkey, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. one other travel note for you. if you're planning to use metro tomorrow, the system will be running on a sunday schedule. let's get a check on how the roads are doing lesli with beverly farmer. beverly. >> reporter: anita, a whole lot
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better than we were an hour ago and a whole lot better than this time last night. right now volume for you right now on the trip across the bridge pace has been so much better for folks. the inner loop headlines towards you, still some sluggish traffic off and on to get up to the 270. the outer loop much better heading in towards tysons corner. the trips for folks heading into bethesda and silver spring has thinned out very clean. still volume on 95 north and 270 northbound heading out into germantown and points north. the heaviest traffic has been trying to make your way southbound on 95 and virginia past lorton into woodbridge and points south towards fredericksburg. hear in i95, it's -- here in i95, it's good up to the delaware area. i 68 has been incident free for you right now. that's a look at the drive. back to you, anita. >> good things are clearing up even a little bit, beverly. be glad you're not one of the holidays drivers that got
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stuck in this sticky situation. a truckloaded with sticky stuff. it wasn't on the driveway, it was on the pennsylvania turnpike. miles of it. the muck leaked out from a broken valve last night and it leaked 150 drivers got stuck. the good news is the mess has been cleaned up. no snow for thanksgiving travelers, but plenty of wind. topper, we saw andrea's hair just blowing all over the place and yours is taking a beating with well. >> well, i have a lot of product in my hair. [ laughing ] >> the winds have died down a little bit and they're going to continue to die down. but let's talk about tranquil weather. if you're waiting for someone to get in, it's fantastic. it's 45 in bismark. 44 in chicago. it's 56 in great falls. there is no snowstorms to speeb of. yes, if you go out to the west, there is some rain. there is some snow in high wer elevations in the northwest and northern california. but that's it. other than that, southwest is
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great. rockies are great. plains. midwest. ohio veilly great. yes, it's -- ohio valley great. yes, it's great. a little rain and snow up towards karaboo and that's all we've got. talk about a tranquil travel night, we've got one. we'll come back and talk about your turkey day forecast and talk about the forecast in the met other area. first -- metro area. first a car stolen with a baby inside. matt jablow is live with more. >> reporter: some terrifying moments today fa woman whose car was stolen with her 13-month-old daughter in the back seat. it all started around 3:00 this afternoon. that is when that woman got out of her car to pump gas into her porsche suv at a gas station at kennedy and south dakota northeast. suddenly police say a man jumped into the car, which was still running, unfortunately, and drove for a few blocks. the woman's infant daughter still inside the car. >> the suspect then drove from the gas station to the 400-block
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of kennedy street northeast where the suspect abandoned the vehicle and entered what we believe into an infinity, green in color, the model g 35 that was being driven by an unknown suspect and the vehicle fled. >> reporter: thank goodness the 13-month-old girl is unharmed and is now back with her parents. meanwhile, the search is very much on for the suspect and for the green infinity g35 coup with paper temporary tags. if you've seen it, you've asked to call 911 immediately. lesli. >> and, matt, you said it earlier, i bet they're thankful. more of the montgomery county council is cans elling a vote. -- cancelling a vote. not enough support to pass. a bill to toughen the anti-loitering laws is still on the table, but the county attorney's office it tells the ga set it's looking into the --
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gazette it's looking into the possible it's unconstitutional. nobody hurt when a school bus was hit by a drunken driver. >> reporter: i'm kristin fischer in st. mary's county where today the entire women's basketball team is recovering after their bus was involved in an accident all caused by a drunk driver. >> we had 33 individuals on the bus. 28 students, four coaches and a bus driver. >> reporter: the team had been heading home after a scrimmage in colonial beach, virginia, when their bus was hit by a drunk driver. >> the bus driver was so heroic in his efforts. he did some maneuvers that prevented the bus from tipping over. >> reporter: the man who caused the crash is john patrick kravats. he is a registered sex offender convicted of assaulting a minor and now is charged with drunk
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driving. incredibly, no one, not even the drunk driver, was seriously hurt. >> it's a true thanksgiving miracle. >> reporter: kristin fischer, 9news now. and coming up on 9 news now at 7:00, getting elected without even running a campaign. we'll tell you how a connecticut man pulled that one off and what will happen with the seat he won. that is nine new now at 7:00. but still ahead, in this half-hour, a successful season comes to a close. meet the woman who turned a local high school football team around in a big way. and as we head to break, here is traffic along i95 at the toll plaza in newark, delaware. they had construction last year and it really caused a problem but now it's done and as you can see things look great. you can track the traffic on our website
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a check of traffic for you on thanksgiving eve. this is traffic heading south. a live look at i95 where it meets i295 just north of richmond. you can see things moving along. earlier when we were looking at i95 south, it was just jam-packed. so it's good to see things let up a little bit and move along as people try to get to their destination. all right. taxpayers. those occupy protestors are occupying a little piece of your wallet. they have spent at least 13 million tax dollars so far handling those occupy crowds. money to pay for things like extra police and trash removal. and since it appears those protestors won't be leaving any time soon, you can expect the cost to keep climbing every day. and speaking of tax dollars, the navy's famous blue angels could be flying into some turbulence over budget matters. the precision flying team has been thrilling crowds for 65 years, but now the thrills
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cost all of us $37 million each year. money that could be better spent elsewhere in a very tight economy. you may have caught a glimpse of the northern lights when they dipped as far south as our area at the end of last month. but have you seen this view from above? check out time lapse still photos from the international space station. the latest in a series of images we've been getting from nasa. and this one you can see the green lights swirl around the atmosphere as the station passes overhead. still to come, black friday isn't the only scramble around thanksgiving. we're going to take you to some places where people are getting ready for their big meal.
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back now yet with another view of the traffic situation as we head into thanksgiving. if you're heading into new york or new england, here is a look at exit ten along the new jersey turnpike. that is where you get off for the outer bridge crossing. as you can see, things moving along pretty well there. headlights going just fine. you can track the traffic any time at one thing that makes the thanksgiving get away a bit easier for some folks this year
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is the new intercounty connector. and last night 9news put the road to the test. our scott broom and delia gongalves both left montgomery mall in bethesda at 5:05 p.m. bound for the airport. scott took the icc. delia stuck to the beltway to 95. in the end, scott made it to the airport in just over an hour and a half. delia drove five miles less but her trip took almost a half-hour more. lesli. >> all right. so after the eating is done and you feel like you can move again, a lots of us head out to the stores for black friday. and today we learned that consumer spending fell slightly last month. but experts say they're still hopeful all of us will say ready, set, shop. >> 55 million americans around 29% of adults tell us they're going to be shopping on black friday. that is a big number. that is the first uptick we've seen in a few years. >> a shopping mall in richmond is going to be keeping a close eye on its shoppers friday, perhaps a little too close for
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some people's comfort. short pump town center plans to track their guest movement by monitoring the signals from their cell phones. they say that data will be gathered anonymously. >> you can see all of the black friday ads at just click on the special section at the top of our home page. last minute shoppers are getting a taste of rush hour at stores before thanksgiving. roads, parking lot, grocery aisles all packed to night. employees had to help direct traffic at whole foods on river road and cleveland park busy, busy, busy. people trying to buy the last minute pies and cookies and beck bakery will be open on thanksgiving day. >> sometimes people come in and say i have a disaster and i'm coming in to get a good pie. so we have pie and great chocolate cake. >> that has happened to me before. people also lined up early this morning at the honey baked ham store. one guy said he waited in line more than 45 minutes just to get two things. hope it was worth it.
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got to get the meal just right. well, tomorrow is the 4 second annual turkey bowl which will decide the top high school football team. natalie randolph was ending her season as the top football coach. but the football is looking up for the coach and the colts. >> are you guys going to beat dunbar tomorrow. >> reporter: what a difference a year and a winning team can make. this time last year, natalie randolph was ending her first season as the country's first female to coach a boy's high school football team. >> i had on ta skalz like any other -- obstacles like every other coach in the city. the same thing they dealed with, i had to deal with. it was just the extra attention. >> reporter: she always wanted to be graded on her coaching, but her players at the dc school admit that having a woman coach in a brutal male sport was not
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easy to accept at first. what did she have to overcome being a female coach? >> the male. and also the negativity and hate. >> reporter: right. guys didn't want to play for a woman? >> yes. >> reporter: cool ij high colts hit bottom in 2010 finishing well below 500. this year with the same players, natalie randolph and team finished the season with eight wins and only two losses. >> it's been great. it's still hard. still the same issues. >> reporter: the play tomorrow for the city title in the turkey bowl against perennial power house dunbar. >> football has been great. >> she shows more love, more enthusiasm, she gives us more personally than a male coach who. >> reporter: coach randolph's players were helping serve three dinners today. the coach also winning in the classroom these days. >> it seems like we play average. >> reporter: the whole team averaging 3.0? >> she has 19 seniors on her
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squad. every single one is going to college. >> reporter: and now the spotlight is fading over her gender, she hopes to be able to focus on just being another good coach. bruce johnson, 9news now. >> now, when dunbar and cool ij won earlier, dunbar won in over time. dave owens is calling the game tomorrow, and we'll bring you the highlights tomorrow at 11:00. >> big game. nice weather. >> yes. >> i mean, really i guess it's okay. we're not quite in the christmas season just yet. i would be a little upset. >> knocking on the door. >> yes. if it's this warm over thanksgiving, it's good. a couple showers pushing out over the bay, we'll look at live doppler first and you can always check this out on our website most of the showers now just about to go into the bay. these are going to move across the delmar voo through eastern oxford in the -- delmarva
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through eastern oxford in the next hour or so. mid 40s in frederick and hagerstown and cumberland. 34 for our friends out in oakland. once you cross the divide, it is another world. 52 down in fredericksburg. winds still a factor. 33-mile an hour wind gust in fredericksburg and 44-mile an hour in martinsburg. wind advisory remains in effect until 10:00 p.m. so windy and colder for us. no doubt. winds 15-25 with higher gusts until midnight. that is going to drive in much colder air tonight. but seasonable thanksgiving which means mid 50s. milder friday and saturday. just spectacular. for too night, clearing, win -- tonight, clearing, windy, much colder. 32-43 and winds northwest at 10-20 and gusty. downtown inside the beltway, you're probably hovering around 40. but you're in the low to mid 30s in the burbs. down to the south, 37 in waldorf and mid 30s in reston and also sterling.
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and maybe even freezing mark out towards middleburg and leesburg. now, thanksgiving morning mostly sunny, breezy and cold. grab a coat if you're going to take a walk. 30s and 40s. winds northwest 10-15. by afternoon, mostly sunny and pleasant. grab your sunglasses for the walk. high temperatures in the upper 50s. and winds west, northwest but only at ten miles an hour. all right. next seven days, fantastic on thursday. 57. and then just great. i mean, milder. 60s on friday, saturday, sunday. we do have clouds come in on sunday. we'll keep it dry until sunday night. temps still around 60s. and then we're looking at showers and rain early monday. and then showers on tuesday. temps are going down now. 50 on tuesday, sunshine next wednesday. and it looks like we'll close out the month only at 42 for a high. we can't stay in the 60s forever. >> that's true. we have to get our reality check. all right. so you have a bit of a change in the redskins news you're bringing us tonight. >> yes. i bring you cheer. >> i like it. >> i bring you cheer too. some good news from redskins
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park. a member of the good hands team is back. santana at practice and he's already got a pre tension on what his impact is going to be. now another washington capital heading to the bench. why? coming up next.
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well, rex grossman had to be down right git tee when he walked out to the practice field
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and saw number 89. santana, is it that you? are you back? yes, number 89 is back. the team's best. and most productive receiver had been shefld for the last five weeks with a broken hand. now, when the dock says 5-7 weeks, he said five weeks i'm be back. the man knows his body and five weeks later he has returned. moss went through practice today. was able to squeeze the pig skin. that's important. hand feels fine. he'll play with a protective plate. having him back is bound to help a struggling offense. but for those thinking he'll jump back in, moss says, hey, guys, slow your roll. >> 89 is back. i just want to take it day by day. i don't like to get my hopes up too high. i had to let them see me catch balls before i know anything further. and, like i said, we can progress day-to-day. >> it's going and popping. landry back in practice.
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he added it's the coach's decision. he missed last week with a sore achilles and says he feels fine. it is much better this week. leave it to a lineup shakeup after a lifeless road trip that saw the caps get belted in nashville, winnipeg and toronto. alexander simmons got bencheled. simmons will play tonight. he was at this morning's skate. he came off the ice with the rest of the players you would expect to go. john ward not so lucky. he overslept and missed the meeting. so he'll have plenty of time to work on the faulty alarm clock. you don't have to talk about their opponent. winnipeg whipped them six days ago. >> i think that kind of game -- this kind of game, if we're going to lose the game, it's going to be defense. >> reporter: and if you can understand what they said,
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you're better than me. georgetown, memphis classic in hawaii. jason clark nothing wrong with the little bump and grind. he had 17. hoyas up by five. a little give and go. he believes he can fly. georgetown up by two. still a little bit more to go in that one. time to vote on our special game of the week. liberty kettle run. quinns orchard. >> got to go. have a good night.
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>> pelley: tonight, newt gingrich breaks ranks on immigration. >> i'm prepared to take the heat for saying let's be humane in enforcing the law. >> pelley: jan crawford has the reaction. lee cow an reports no holiday traveler is going father than this one this weekend,


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